Benjamin Mossé


Benjamin Mossé is often described as the ethical innovator with business executive professionalism. His consistent innovative approaches to IT threats and vulnerabilities keep him leaps ahead of the ever changing security scene.


Benjamin began his career on a path that is rare among other IT security executives. Having earned his Bachelor’s degree in IT Security from one of the nation’s top Universities, and armed with his credential, Benjamin’s goal was to complement his natural technical  innovator savvy with a strong foundation in business. The best way to do this, he felt, was to create his own business, ensuring true adherence to his values of ethics and the freedom to innovate. Originally from France, Benjamin found himself intrigued by the world of vulnerabilities and the rising demand for almost daily innovative solutions. A gifted original thinker, Benjamin began teaching himself “hacking” at the age of twelve. Over the past fifteen years, Benjamin has formalised his experience and education by creating a unique approach to working with diverse clients.


In 2014, Benjamin founded the Mossé Cyber Security Institute to offer worldclass information security learning programmes in APAC and beyond. Since its creation, a widerange of students from government officials, law enforcement officers, business executives, board members and IT security professionals have attended Mossé Cyber Security Institute’s programmes and presentations.


Benjamin has written and published several articles in major IT security magazines in France. He has been invited to present at well renowned IT security conferences in Australia, including Auscert, OWASP, AISA and Ruxcon. Furthermore, he has cocreated “The Browser Exploitation Framework”, a very popular security tool to perform clientside security testing.